Industries We Serve

Kelvin Gas Technologies Pvt. Ltd. have its own innovative, efficient and cost-effective solutions installed in different industries for diverse applications such as melting, process heating, annealing lehrs and many others. We always focus on providing the best possible Energy solutions to our Customers and at the same time we also strictly follow very high environmental and legal standards. Below listed are some of the industrial areas, where we’ve successfully managed to design and implement our applications for our clients


Kelvin Gas Technologies Limited has developed various advance and cost effective application for Drying different Agriculture Product, which control the moisture and enhance quality of final product. Applications can greatly speed the drying process and ensure more-consistent results.


Kelvin Gas Technologies has developed application for Automobile Industries that has achieve the desired properties of the components used in the automotive and also enhance the effective use of materials, Application has greatly helped Automobile companies to increase the production and save enomourous cost.

Chemical and Pharmaceutical

We have Installed many application for chemical and pharmaceutical companies as our system is almost free from sulphur, it can be used in sensitive situations such as chemical processes, etc.

Food and Beverage Industry

KGTPL has successfully executed many projects in Food and Beverage sector. We have provided many customized solutions to Customer.


We have installed process heating, cleaning and drying applications in Textile Industries, where the energy source is usually steam or hot water generated through boilers / thermic fluid heaters.

Glass Industry

We have installed many gas systems in the glass industry primarily which uses energy to supply heat to the glass melting furnaces in which the raw materials are melted and refined.

Metals (Ferrous and non –ferrous)

KGTPL has developed optimize and cost effective solution to oxy-gas cutting compared to acetylene, and in brazing furnaces compared to diesel as Energy consist much cost in fabrication.


KGTPL has provided many energy solutions to poultry farms to provide the humid heat necessary for faster and healthier growth of chickens

Hotels, Restaurants & Malls

We have installed many energy systems for Hotel, service and hospitality industries in kitchen, heating (hot water & steam), and baking applications. Waste heat generated from LPG is also utilized in adsorption chilling systems to produce refrigeration for cold rooms. This can result in savings of up to 50% on energy bills.

Engineering & Process Industry

KGTPL has offered many innovative, cost effective and optimize solution in Engineering Industries like cost-effective option for oxy-gas cutting compared to acetylene, and in brazing furnaces compared to diesel.


We have successfully design and installed the system for plastic industries for economical forming agent in foam extrusion process to produce use and throw crockery-ware and packing sheets.

Sugar Industries

We have very efficiently served Sugar industries which need steam in numerous processes. What we mean by “efficiently” is we’ve managed to maintain the best possible environmental standards.

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