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LOT (Liquid off Take System)

LPG LOT System is advance concept in Multi-cylinder Installation which offers Strength of Bulk LPG Installation and easy functionality. LPG LOT System can cater to volumes up to 250 Kg per hour Installation which overcomes lots of problems and demerits of bulk LPG Installation & conventional Manifold (VOT) system. LPG LOT System withdraws Liquid LPG up to 10 Kg/Hr.

VOT (Vapor off Take System)

Cylinders are connected to the Manifold system in series, where LPG is withdrawn from the cylinder and is discharged to the system for usage. The vaporized LPG is then passed through 1st Stage & 2nd Stage Pressure Reducing Station. This type of system is normally recommended for Low rate of consumption.

LPG Bulk Installation

KGTPL has of more than decade experience to cater needs of large energy consumers in Residential, Commercial and Industrial sectors through LPG Bulk installations the most cost effective solution for large users with higher consumption rate is Bulk Installations. LPG is stored in bulk storage tanks which come in various sizes as per the need.

Gas Meter

A gas meter is used to measure the volume of fuel gases such as natural gas and propane. Gas meters are used at residential, commercial, and industrial buildings that consume fuel gas supplied by a gas utility. Gases are more difficult to measure than liquids, as measured volumes are highly affected by temperature and pressure. Gas meters measure a defined volume, regardless of the pressurized quantity or quality of the gas flowing through the meter. Temperature, pressure and heating value compensation must be made to measure actual amount and value of gas moving through a meter.

LPG Reticulated Piping System

KGTPL has more than decade of experience in reticulated systems for domestic & commercial locations with Over Pressure & Under pressure protections for reduce misshaping Entire system is designed and executed as per IS code 6044 Part I & OISD -162.

Leak Detection System

KGTPL is leading manufacturers and suppliers of gas leak detection systems and gas leak detectors like LPG gas sensors, leak detection system, gas sensors. These are an excellent mode to detect gas leakage and prevent any likely disasters.

LPG Propane Vaporizers

KGTPL is one of the industry leaders in manufacturing and supplying LPG Propane- Vaporizers, we offer a wide range of LPG-Propane- Vaporizers. Which is straighten with electric components, control panels and instruments and are certified by CMRS, dhanbad, and are also approved by CCOE, Nagpur.

LPG Downstream Pipeline

With a Very Strong Back up of Engineers we KGTPL designs & Execute the Downstream pipelines by selecting proper Sizes, MOC, Route of laying Pipelines by considering the various operations & plants Safety, Rules & regulations.

Energy Audit

KGTPL has excellence in Energy Audits for many Industries and Commercial Buildings can support you with expertise to reduce your Energy Costs (Electricity / Fuel / Water) along with Green House Gas Emission Reduction and explore potential for Trading Carbon Credits under KYOTO PROTOCOL.

Fire Fitghting Systems

The fire fighting systems provided by KGTPL serves as a turnkey solution for fire protection and safety systems applicable in residential, industrial and commercial segments. We assure complete safety and the best of quality through our entire range of fire protection systems. Our company has rendered several fire fighting systems, which include Fire detection & alarm system, Fire hydrant system, Automatic fire sprinkler system, CO2 flooding system, smoke detectors, heat detectors, fire detectors, bulb type sprinkler, pendent sprinkler, open sprinkler, alarm value for sprinkles and so on.

LNG Installation

We have successfully design and installed the system for plastic industries for economical forming agent in foam extrusion process to produce use and throw crockery-ware and packing sheets

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